16 May 2010

Call me Donna Reed

I've been bumping elbows with the housewives and geriatrics of DeKalb County for the past two weeks. Whenever I leave the house on weekday afternoons I seem to be the only person in public who doesn't have either gray hair or a toddler. Trying to find enough activities to fill my waking hours has been a task in itself, but I've somehow managed to get through my first two weeks at home without becoming a pathetic, lethargic sloth.

Mexican night was quite a hit, which included guacamole, pico de gallo, and chicken fajitas with cilantro lime rice (and Mexican sparkling water - it was a big day when I discovered the 'Hispanic food' section at Wal-Mart!). It's really too bad that I aspire to achieve more than becoming the epitome of domesticity; a few more years of this and I'd be giving Donna Reed a run for her money.

Lynn and Arlene don't know just how good they have it. I might force them to watch some Jersey Shore and see if their appreciation for me and my wholesome habits changes.


  1. Rory Gilmore has nothing on this girl.

  2. Rory made potatoes from a BOX. Enough said.

  3. What was she thinking. And Lindsey tried to make him so many roast. She's def. a better wife than Rory would be.


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