13 June 2010

in love with Herman Miller

A few weeks ago I went to the Design Within Reach in Chicago and fell in love with all of their clean and simple furniture (below is the small version of the dining table that I am OBSESSED with). The Chicago DWR is really interesting - it's in a renovated brownstone, not a big open space like most furniture stores - so it feels like you're in someone's home that just happens to be furnished with really incredible furniture.

Since then, I've been plotting how to acquire some Eames pieces. Buying both new and vintage is pricey, which is why I almost died when I found a set of four Eames for Herman Miller (I've since realized that these are definitely knock-offs. womp womp.) chairs for less than $500 at an antique store. I went to get them this morning and successfully negotiated a 20% discount (add that to my list of waspy skills!).

I was in such a good mood on the way home and was driving by lots of cool abandoned factories, so I decided to pull over and have a little photo shoot.

I'm envisioning putting these in my future loft with exposed ducts and brick and glossy white hardwood floors, pairing them with my stainless table and a big arrangement of pink peonies, and sipping on Pellegrino while reading the WSJ. Ahhh, is college over yet??


  1. I love the fact that you still have another year of school and you are already buying $500 chairs! How many were in the set? 2? How much did you pay?!

  2. It was originally $485 for a set of 4, but I werqed it and got them for $400. Loooove them.

  3. You are so WASPy! Or maybe very East Coast mother with brown curly hair (I think you know what I'm talking about). Love it!


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