24 February 2011

Day 24

Once Matt told me that I was a bizarre mix of an 8 year-old and an 80 year-old, which I think is a pretty fair summary of my personality. For example:

1. There's nothing I like better than going to bed really early, then getting up at the crack of dawn to drink coffee and read the paper. (normal behavior for most geriatrics)

2. Sometimes on those early bedtime nights I'll be sitting in bed at 8pm watching Matilda and eating a popsicle. (only when I was eight I wasn't allowed to have a tv in my room or eat in bed. things are on the ups.)

3. The last time I was at a bar I was wearing glasses and a cardigan and saying things like, "Aren't those girls cold in their tube tops?".

4. Once my mom gave me a Hello Kitty McDonald's toy and said my face lit up like I had just been given the best present of my life. (this was only a few years ago)

My button-down/cardigan/glasses combo are approaching the look of a retired librarian, but the big blue bow and lollipop save me from looking like an card-carrying AARP member. I guess it's better than being bland, right? (ha, I'm punny)

J.Crew shirt and sweater, vintage belt, H&M jeans, Coach flats, Warby Parker glasses


  1. I like your blog, I follow you!
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  2. Ha! I love this outfit, and the lollipop looks delicious!

  3. don't worry - i love nothing better than waking up on saturday and sunday mornings, switching on the news with a boiled egg and giant cup of tea in front of me!

    your blog is soooo cute - so are you!


  4. oh my, I'm the same way! I always joke about being an old woman at heart, then go off and play pokémon in my spare time!

    Very cute post, love your blog!

  5. Cute bow, cute glasses, cute cardi, and cute lollipop! I was excited to have a my little pony toy in my happy meal just the other day, but they gave me a barbie fairy insted. NOT IMPRESSED!

  6. I'm an oldster too - my husband asked me one time if I was born being 40 years old? Yes, I was. So that would make me about 77 now - lol! Love that bow belt!!

  7. I STILL light up at a Hello Kitty happy meal toy~ We are one of the same ;-) You are a doll!! Your pictures are great!!!


  8. My mom still gives me Hello Kitty happy meal toys, too. Nothing wrong with getting excited about that!

    I think I act old sometimes because I like to stay home and watch TV and fall asleep on the couch. As long as I still say "watch TV" instead of "watch my programs" or "watch my stories," I think I'm in good shape, though.

  9. I love this - your outfit is so cute!
    I also totally feel you on the eight-year-old/eighty-year-old thing. It's definitely been said to me as well.

    (PS I may have linked you in today's post...)

  10. girl, my mom gave me a hello kitty playhouse for christmas...two years ago.

    my best guy friend and i definitely played with that thing for foreveeeeer!

    and i won't even get to my hello kitty lunch bag...yeah. got that last year.

    might have done a happy dance about it.


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