27 February 2011

Day 27

I could tell you that I didn't really wear makeup today because I think that Kim Kardashian is the devil and makeup only hides your inner beauty, but really I'm just getting lazy and didn't set my goals much higher than putting on pants with a fly after getting out of bed this morning. Although, Kim Kardashian's face DOES make me want to torch Sephora and renounce eye makeup.

I spent my Saturday night sitting in bed watching Toy Story 3 and eating that delicious dessert made out of jello, pretzels and whipped cream that's popular on the elementary school scene. I was one bottle of wine and an 80's ballad away from being Bridget Jones.

J.Crew sweater and shirt, Coach scarf and boots, H&M jeans


  1. No worries - you certainly look lovely without makeup! Some days I just don't have the ambition to put it on, either.
    Also, I really like your scarf. :-)

  2. Well, opinions on the over-use of make up aside, you certainly don't need it to be super pretty and adorable!
    Looks like the perfect comfy-day outfit :)

  3. Ugh, Kim Kardashian is the worst, as are her sisters. Drag queens look more natural than they do.

  4. oh my goodness. i just wanted to say that after you commented my blog all those many moons ago, i've been kind of obsessed with your blog. it's so precious and classy . and it makes me pine for j.crew all the live-long day. and you also look like my best friend, which is also pretty cool. and i can totally attest to being an 8 year old and an 80 year old as well (10 o clock bedtimes! holla!)

    okay, now i'm just embarrassing myself.
    but yes. thank you for your lovely blog, my dear :)

  5. I LOVE your boots! And you look great w/o makeup :) I've also been going bare faced too.

  6. Love your blog... have been following for just a couple weeks. Did you sew your scarf into a snood or is it just wrapped like that?

  7. Amanda - this scarf wasn't sewn, but I've been sewing other ones into snoods lately. It makes scarves that are awkwardly short much more wearable!

  8. Great outfit! So simple but cute! Love the scarf! You look beautiful.

  9. Thanks for responding Erin... Are you just stitching the ends together? Maybe you want to do a brief tutorial?? :)


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