07 February 2011

Day 7

In my own personal rebellion against the Superbowl I wore my most obnoxious pink sweater today and got a little crazy with pink filters in Photoshop.

There's nothing I hate more than girls who don't care about football 364 days out of the year, but then miraculously become HUGE fans on Superbowl Sunday. ("I've watched the ____ with my family since I was little!" Yeah, okay.) They borrow a jersey to wear, update their Facebook statuses pretending to be outraged at the calls, then initiate arguments with guys even though all they really know about the game is what they read on ESPN.com 15 minutes before they left the house.

So, tonight I stayed in with Mer and Matt to eat artichoke dip and grilled cheeses and watch Sex and the City. One of my better ideas this week.

Warby Parker glasses, thrifted sweater, J.Crew tank, H&M jeans, Coach flats

(I'm loving the last pic - click to see it full size!)


  1. Love all the pink...and Sex in the City too....:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Check out my 30x30 Remix….Let’s do this!♥

  2. Um I HAVE to have that sweater!!! Adorable as always!

  3. Thanks! I think it looks like something Cher from Clueless should have in her high-tech closet. :)

  4. Ha ha! I have to admit, I have also dressed ultra-girly in protest. Nicely done. :)


  5. I love love love that sweater!

    You've got a lot of great posts, I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your 30x30!


  6. I really like your sweater! Your pics are so pretty.

  7. This comment is almost 3 months too late, but I'm gonna throw some OMGs your way anyway. I too loathe those girls! It's the same here in Vancouver, except in hockey. Honestly, I've even met guys who fake hockey love (or take it to implausible heights) and the only possible reason for doing that must be because they think it's the "guy thing" to do. Like the girls who claim to be all kinds of girly and love all romantic comedies, everything pink (really? pink poop bags for your pup?), and... Manhattans (just because it Carrie Bradshaw's signature drink! get over it! it's so strong it reeks and I can see your disgusted expression as you sip). Sorry. Rant over. I just came here to see your famous post and congratulate you, but I hope you enjoyed the gratuitous bitchfest.


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