09 February 2011

Day 9

I broke a 30 for 30 rule today and went shopping. After going to my first hot yoga class this morning, I quickly realized that rewearing my workout clothes a time or two would NOT fly anymore. These clothes will need to be boiled after every class. So, I bought some new spandex shorts that say "NIKE PRO COMBAT" on the waistband and a few racerback tanks and now look like an awkward Serena Williams wannabe. Since I'll only be wearing these new purchases to work out (and if I try to pass them off as casual wear will someone please shoot me?), this doesn't technically break any rules and I won't be kicked out of Kendi's club. Whew.

Quite possibly my favorite skirt of all time.

J.Crew button-down and tights, Kate Spade skirt, Coach loafers


  1. I love this pic- the string of lights is so cool and you look beautiful!!!

  2. Very simple but gorgeous outfit <3

  3. That's almost not cheating though since it's work out wear (I'm sure Kendi would agree!). This picture is beautiful!

  4. girl, work out clothes don't count :) don't beat yourself up.

    also, that skirt is the cutest. i see why you love it! love that you paired it with a classic top :D

  5. Thanks, guys! Tomorrow's pic was taken under florescent lights after a night of minimal sleep, so don't get too used to these fab pics, haha.

  6. I am insanely jealous that you have that skirt!

  7. Sarah - It made me a little queasy to pay so much for it, but it's so freaking cute!


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