01 March 2011

Day 29

This afternoon I was tossin' my hair and fake laughing on these steps when some people that I would have preferred not to have seen me in all of my wannabe internet celebrity glory walked by.

I've found that people are either fascinated by the idea of blogging or completely mystified by it. People either gush to me about how great they think it is (even some bros who prefer playing hockey to shopping) or they don't really get it. These people were of the latter variation. Let me tell you, it was awkward. Non-fake laughing ensued.

Not quite sure how I feel about the sweater-tucking going on here. Nice in theory, but a little sloppy and bulky in practice. Tomorrow is the last day of 30 for 30 and then I'll be reuniting with the rest of my wardrobe!

J.Crew tank, sweater and tights, Forever 21 skirt, Coach flats


  1. I like the tucked in sweater! I'm also super jealous you're done with your 30. I'm dyin' over here!

  2. I think the tucked sweater is cute! I really love that skirt.

  3. The tucked in sweater works with this outfit! You look great.

  4. I'm so jealous that you're almost done with your remix! Just discovered your blog and you are so adorable and funny!

  5. Pretty pictures today! Someone caught me the other day and I just said I was taking a photography class. Luckily she didn't ask anymore because I was fresh out of lies.


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