25 March 2011


This is Taylor, the younger, East Coast version of me. Taylor and I worked at a student help desk together this year. And by "worked" I mean to say that we ordered J.Crew sweaters and gushed over Levenger office supplies in between telling people where to find the lost and found. She's always a welcome dose of sanity in this frat-tastic world that we both live in.

Taylor never had senior pictures taken (you know, the ones where you're supposed to wear a colorful v-neck sweater and pose on really green grass), so one afternoon we hung out on the top of a parking garage and in a cornfield.

Not bad, eh? Now who else wants to have a photo shoot with me?


  1. The parking lot pictures are great. Love how they're so much negative space surrounding her!


  2. im shocked that you managed to make me look semi-cool. kudos to you.

  3. Awesome :)
    Office supplies.. they are strangely desirable. I saw a flower patterned stapler the other day and felt a magnetic pull towards it..

  4. aww! i just did a little feature on one of my stylish friends, too. these pictures are great, and i'm sure you come at a much better rate than those school photogs!


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