17 March 2011

tripod and googley eyes

The one blogging accessory that all of the cool blogging girls seem to have is a loyal (or obedient?) boyfriend/husband who fills the role of daily outfit photographer. Today my 19 year old brother wasn't in the most helpful of moods, so I had to visit my friend Mr. Tripod.

Normally I avoid posting pics of myself with these weird googley eyes, but I can't look this radiant every day, I guess. Don't worry, I'll get back at that angsty teenager tomorrow by borrowing some clothes for a Sharon Stone in 1999 at the Oscars look.

Banana Republic sweater, J.Crew belt and shoes, Ann Taylor skirt

This sweater was one of the first pieces of real adult clothing that I bought in high school - I paid $50 for it, which seemed like a small fortune at the time. After 5 years, I'd say that its cost per wear is pretty darn low, but this might be the last stop before Goodwill due to a stubborn stench.

I loved reading everyone's feedback on yesterday's oxfords! The consensus seems to be that oxfords can be tricky if they're not styled right, but with an understated outfit they don't scream HEY I'M A HIPSTER too loudly. I want to see pictures of how you wear your oxfords - leave me a link!


  1. I totally understand the boyfriend photographer issue! I use my trusty mini tripod for my photos, always. x) I really like this outfit though - the sweater is cute - why do you want to donate it? :o (I don't see the googly eyes, haha)


  2. You look great! What a cool skirt!

  3. my favorite part about you wearing those oxfords was that they were your MOM'S! love it :)

  4. http://copperoranges.blogspot.com/2010/09/out-of-practice.html

    my oxfords look!

    hmm .. i dont know any good tips for getting smells out of clothes -- maybe soaking it in baking soda? that sweater is really cute and it'd be a shame to have to part with it!

  5. OH GIRL, i totally agree on the man-friend-photographer issue. my tripod as of now is my stack of harry potter novels on top of my desk chair. and i'm not sure my 13 year old st. bernard or my 27 year old brother would be too keen to take some snapshots.

  6. Hello Erin, I've been really enjoying your blog and wanted to let you know I am passing the versatile blogger award to you. Thanks for the inspiration.


  7. ahaha, I am dying over your point about all the cool blogging girls having ultra obedient husbands/boyfriends for picture taking! That was one of the reasons I was hesitant to start a blog!! Definitely need to invest in a tripod - my mom totally makes fun of my outfit poses :P



  8. Love the leopard cardigan. Hahha I have to get a tripod as well my BF is getting tired of being my photographer, which is understandable!



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