13 April 2011

laundry day

I have a tendency to put off doing laundry until all I have to wear are theme-party-appropriate overalls and my mink stole (which actually might not be a terrible start to a Paris Hilton circa The Simple Life themed photo shoot, hmm). So, this morning Matt and I made an emergency trip to the laundromat. 

I always drop my underwear somewhere between the washer and the dryer and don't realize it until ten minutes later. Maybe one day I'll have in-unit appliances and will be able to cross something off the list of Embarrassing Things I Accidentally Do in Public.

Both pieces are Land's End Canvas (I know, right??)


  1. I love how retro laundrettes can be :)
    You look adorable, of course...I like the peach and polka dots combination.

  2. Wow great finds at lands end! Love your top! I too wait till the last minute to do laundry and then drop everything on the floor when switching from washer to dryer. I'm not a good launderer that's for sure.

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  3. dude, i bought lands end canvas over spring break! a chunky cardigan and a navy sweatshirt-like top ... they might be my new favorite brand! i love how these photos turned out!

  4. You're looking mighty cute for a laundry day! :-) Or for any day! I'm glad I have both washer and dryer in my house, or else I would have to go to the laundromat buck naked, the way it usually goes...

    Relatable Style

  5. so beautiful and adorable!

  6. possibly my favourite outfit! And such a neat setting, looks super adorable :)

  7. Matt's a sexy. Tell him I said wassup.

  8. ^ haha. cute outfit!
    xx Allie

  9. I have a new obsession with Land's End Canvas. The sale prices are awesome. I own that skirt and I really love it. The cotton button-ups are equally awesome.

  10. Looking lovely and laundromats are such brilliant photo-ops. :)
    I was going crazy with laundry today too.. the towering pile is slowly getting lower..

  11. i'm in the middle of that emergency laundry-run right now! luckily, the laundromat is right across the street, so i can sit in my apt. and blog hunt while i wait for overpriced water to soak through my 3 loads, and a baked potato to soften (did you know it takes almost an hour? sheesh!)

    anyways, i love laundromat photoshoots - classic!

    :) christen


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