29 April 2011

unicorn wallpaper!

Today I was working on my final assignment of college (!!!!!!!!!), so I got a little loopy and sprinkled unicorn graphics all over it. I thought it'd be a shame if the only person who got to see this little fella was the professor whose favorite font is Comic Sans (how ironic is it that he was my Visual Communication teacher? it was a loooong semester), so I put him on a little desktop wallpaper for you all to enjoy! 

click your desktop size to download:

Let me know if your size isn't listed or if you can't download the file - I'm still figuring this stuff out! 

And I LOVED reading all of your comments about my new no-poo project! I'll keep you posted on how things progress! 


  1. this is really super cute!

    also .. YAY GRADUATION!!!! or .. actually SCARY TERRIFYING GRADUATION!! depends on the day/hour/minute for me !

  2. awww I love it!
    ending school is such an exciting feeling :)


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