03 May 2011

no-poo: 1 week in

Well, kids, it's been one week since I washed my hair with real shampoo and I don't think I'll ever touch the stuff again. (if you don't know what I'm talking about, start by reading this post)

I was feeling pretty greasy after Day 4, so I took this girl's suggestion and picked up some Dr. Bronner's soap. Apparently, you can wash your floors, dishes AND hair with it, so I was afraid it'd be too harsh, but I was wrong and IT. IS. AWESOME.

Day 9*

Dr. Bronner's managed to get rid of the gross shine and gunky texture I had accumulated without bringing me back to the limp and lifeless state that made me start this little regimen in the first place.

My hair has more volume than it ever did when it was squeaky clean and while it's still a little greasier than I'd like, I think it'll regulate itself back to normal in the next few weeks.

I'm loving the little bit of clumpiness and natural wave that I'm getting, which would've involved some actual effort and product if I was washing every day. And since this stuff is soap, I'm avoiding the stank that comes from just rinsing.

Let me know if you're ballsy enough to try this - it's really nowhere near as disgusting as I originally imagined!

*I can't believe that I've turned into that girl on the internet who rants about her hair-washing regimen and posts animations of herself making MySpacey smirks and pouts. Whoops.

UPDATE: Katrina had some questions, so I thought I'd answer them here in case anyone else was wondering the same things. Right now I'm using the Dr. Bronner's about every other day and holding off on using any products. Eventually I'll reintroduce what I like to call "hair crack" - if you're looking for something that gives you volume at the root without the dreaded crunchy/shiny effect, this stuff is INCREDIBLE. I'm blowdrying every day with a round natural-bristle brush, which helps drag the grease (or, if you like euphemisms, "natural oils") away from the roots.

Hope this helps - keep the questions coming! 


  1. More people should use the word stank.

  2. I was wondering if you get less hair breakage when you don't shampoo. I'm going to give this no-poo thing out. I use too much shampoo as it is and this would be a good way to curb that.

  3. you are so cute! my roomie last year was super into dr. bronners! i just liked reading the bottle while i was in the shower...

  4. I LOVE Dr. Bronner's! But not as shampoo. Didn't work so well for me as shampoo. : ( But it's a great body wash!! You're hair looks great!

  5. Your hair looks great! Mine would be so awful. Questions: How often do you wash it with the Dr. Bronner's? I'm guessing the no-poo lifestyle also means no hair product either, correct? And finally, are you blow drying or air drying?

    I really want to try this but my hair is so high maintenance, haha.

    1. No poo actually works with all hair types! You just have to be willing to wear a hat for about a month lol. For most people, when you first start, your hair is used to overcompensating in the grease department, because it has been stripped so much by regular shampoos. That's why so many people quit in week 1 with uber-greasy hair, because they think it's actually making their hair worse. But it only gets worse before it gets better :)
      At the beginning, you usually wash your hair with baking soda, Dr. bronners, or an all natural shampoo bar (i like the ones from the Chagrin valley website) every other day, but eventually you may find you need to wash your hair less and less, crazy as it may sound.
      There isn't a specific rulebook to no poo-ing your hair, however most people use no product and no heat, as those things tend to damage your hair as well. This "no rulebook" thing also goes for how often you should wash your hair with the no poo method. I started out every other day, but many just stick with it though a whole week of just rinsing.

  6. do you think this would work with curly/wavy hair?

  7. I just discovered this blog today and was so happy to see you promoting the no-poo life! I haven't shampooed my hair in nearly two months and it's looking great! I highly recommend it, the "grunge period" takes a little adjusting too but after that the results are well worth it.

    P.S I have curly hair to the above commenter

  8. Anonymous #1 - I'm guessing that shampoo makes curly hair even less likely to keep its natural shape, so in my expert (ha, not) opinion, I think it'd work! And as a second source, the above commenter says it does!

  9. Question... what about if you color your hair? does DR bronners strip it?


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