13 May 2011

weekend wallpaper

Here's a springy wallpaper to kick off your weekend, roughly inspired by my new blog color scheme and this girl's awesome outfit (I NEED to go to Zara to try to recreate it).

click your desktop size to download: 

Aaand, does anyone know of any good farmer's markets in the Chicagoland area? You'd think that there'd be plenty to choose from since this state is so farmy, but I have yet to find a decent one. Any suggestions you have would be helpful!

Have a good weekend, everyone! 


  1. How broad is Chicagoland for you? There is a French Market in Wheaton that is a farmers' market with lots of other booths that sell gifts, toys, jewelery, and that type of thing.

    There is also the Hyde Park Farmers Market on Thursdays beginning in June (at Harper Court - not so far from Obama's house) and the 61st Street Market near the Museum of Science and Industry.

  2. If you want a market actually in Chicago- Green Market in Lincoln Park is fabulous! Every Saturday morning and (I think) Wednesdays... When we lived there, I used to go all the time. Awesome!


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