08 May 2011

wholesome weekend

I walked into my mom's room on Saturday morning in my nautical stripe t-shirt and found her wearing a chambray/denim combo. We both worship at the altar of Jenna Lyons.

Me: J.Crew t and flats, Gap jeans    Mom: J.Crew shirt and jeans, Tory Burch flats

My mom turned 50 the day before Mother's Day, so we had a weekend full of wholesome bonding time. We stopped by our favorite home store - how cool is this big vintage highway sign?

This place always has awesome light fixtures. You already know how I feel about chandeliers, and there's an amazing Arco lamp knock-off that just calls my name every time I see it. After looking at San Francisco real estate, I think I might have to splurge on a cool lamp to distract myself from the cinder block walls and terrible cabinetry that are inevitable features in my price range. :/


  1. I just found your site and am totally obsessed!

  2. Nice looks!


  3. your mom is adorable! and happy belated 50th to her!

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, you and your mother are so sweet!

  5. Your mom is so chic! Maybe one day I can be the third Jenna Lyons worshiper in your photo. I'm not stalking, I just think I could blend in nicely.


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