12 June 2011

five days, fourteen girls

Last week I went to Florida with fifteen of my female cousins and aunts. I can count all of my female friends on one hand, so I was a little worried about spending five days with so many women, but everyone was so mellow and we had a great week!

On the first day I walked onto the beach and a big, beefy, tan dude ran over and asked if he could bring a chair and umbrella down to the water for me. My perception of reality hasn't been the same since.

My only responsibilities for the next few days were to not get sunburned, drink lots of mojitos and read some books (I finished this and started this). 

One night we ate fresh seafood at the Mar Vista on Long Boat Key. The food was incredible (who knew crab cakes don't have to taste like the ones you find in the frozen food aisle?!) and the lights hanging from the trees made the quaintest setting for eating and drinking and laughing.

There are a few kooks sprinkled in this family, which made for an entertaining story time every night. You don't really know your family until you've heard their accounts of naked vacuuming and skinny dipping in broad daylight!

Look out for photos of sailing tomorrow!

(all photos taken with my iPhone and edited with the CrossProcess app)


  1. Looking forward to the sailing pics and hearing more about that beefy man.

  2. Your pictures are gorgeous -- that app is a keeper. Looks like such a fun trip!

  3. these are gorgeous photos! Sounds like an amazing time, kind of wish I could go on a similar vacation right now!

  4. This sounds like an incredible trip! I'm very jealous.

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  5. oh dang! you visited right where i used to go to school! :) i loves me some long boat key.


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