22 August 2011

DIY: polka-dot masking tape wallpaper

I polka-dotted my living room! (which is also my bedroom. and dining room.) It took a few hours and a little bit of patience, but for $16 I think the result was well worth it!

Instructions and more pics after the jump!

What you'll need: 

- tape (I used this, but it'd be fun to use a colored tape)
- wax paper
- scissors
- cutting board

First, stick some strips of tape on a sheet of wax paper.

Then, cut your dots using the circle cutter (I used a 1 1/8" diameter). Unless you want to etch circles onto your table, use a cutting board or self-healing mat underneath.

I folded a looooong piece of masking tape in half,  then made alternating red and black marks every 6 inches. I peeled the wax paper backing off of a masking tape circle, and stuck it underneath a black mark. Then I continued until all of the black marks had dots underneath them. I moved the long strip of tape over 1 foot, and started placing dots underneath all of the red marks. Repeat with black marks, then red marks, etc.

Make sense?

The tape peels off easily, so it's perfect for those of us living in rentals! I think the effect is fun, but still somewhat subtle.

My kitchen also got a masking tape makeover...pics to come.


  1. That is so cute, I love that idea!
    Just found your blog today and it's adorable

  2. this is so amazing! Living in an apt I am hesitant to paint the walls but this is too cute. Thanks for sharing, I will be trying this soon!


  3. Just discovered your blog off Mackenzie's Design Darlin and I'm so happy I did!! Such a lovely site you have.

    newest follower - tamra

  4. Simple Fabulousness. Found you via Hilary Inspired. SO Fresh!

  5. Wow what a great idea! It came out great, super cute!

  6. what is the color of your wall paint? thanks!

  7. Anon - I'm not sure since this is a rental. Sorry!

  8. What a fabulous idea for your walls, love it!! I've got this linked to my DIY wallpapers post too today, for different ideas!


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