15 September 2011

$8 artwork

I wanted to layer some artwork over my polka-dot walls to make sure the room didn't seem like a place you'd bring your stuffed animals to sip make-believe tea. After taking some inspiration from this post, I printed some images that I took in the U.K. in poster size at Kinko's (it was about $8 a sheet). I love that they're not glossy and that the resolution is a little gritty! 

I pressed some metal clips into sticky tack to hang them. No holes in the wall and no need for a clunky frame!


  1. Aren't you glad you wrapped that cake plate in 75' of bubble wrap?! It goes great w/ the dots and all is de-feminized a bit by the auto-themed posters. Too much fun for one girl to be having!

  2. OMG - genius! i am definitely going to try this out! i have an empty wall begging for lovely photos; i wanted to create a gallery wall but right now it's a little out of my budget.

    {the wall is huge and even cheap frames are $$$ for the amount of pictures i want.}

  3. Such a great great idea! Your photos look amazing and what a fantastic price for wall art. Well played.

  4. You are just the cutest thing! I love all your apartment DIY/ decorating. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Ooooh those are fun prints! Inspiring, I have a new room to decorate! Might take a few notes for myself :)


  6. The images look pretty clear. Were your photos any specific size or resolution?

  7. Hi Lindsey - I put it into Photoshop and found out what its maximum dimensions were in inches (hit command+option+i), then put it into an InDesign document at its maximum size. I think if you take a raw image to Kinko's they can do this for you!


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