23 October 2011

Sunday Snaps

1. I went to the beach today and managed to take this picture before falling asleep on a sand dune.

2. I've been packing my little Japanese tupperware full of fruit every morning partly because I like fruit and partly because it looks so cute.

3. On my walk to work. 

4. Underneath highway 80.

5. My apartment was trashed by the time the weekend rolled around, but the light I get in the morning is so nice.

Also, I found this little piece of internet happiness that compares what you plan on doing on a Sunday to what actually happens. An excerpt: 

What you tell yourself: I am going to shower, pick up around the apartment, and eat a healthy breakfast!
What you do: After waking up, you walk to the kitchen in your underwear and chug an inordinate amount of orange juice. You stand, motionless, staring out the kitchen window for an unreasonable amount of time, making deep morning sighs, squinting, and sometimes scratching yourself. You pace around the apartment idly, without purpose.

Cheers to unproductive Sundays.

1 comment:

  1. i love that banana pillow. oh erin, your blog is one of my all time favorites. you're funny and reflective and just a great 20something single woman inspirational pal! :)


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