26 October 2009

MapQuest: 4 hours, Erin & Arlene: 12 hours

Our first day of driving got off to a rough start. After an attempt to get out of London by going down random streets, two hours later we found ourselves going the wrong direction down a 6 lane highway. We finally got turned around and soon our luck took a turn for the better. I was busy scouring our map in search of Stonehenge, trying to determine if taking a detour to see it would be possible, when we came over a hill and saw it emerge over the horizon!

The next few hours were spent trying to find our B&B. If we had known what laid ahead, we would've opted for a Smart Car instead of what felt like a beast on the narrow country roads. We spent the rest of the evening (until we gave up around midnight) trying to stay in between oncoming traffic and the stone walls and hedges that seemed be caving in on the road, all the while interpreting vague directions without distances or street names.

We finally gave up and found a hotel, getting to the door just as they were locking up for the night! We had a delish breakfast in the morning, and spent the early afternoon exploring the parts of the town we had driven by in the dark.

Let's hope that future posts don't include any pictures of scraped cars or dangling mirrors...

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