27 October 2009

Castles and Wellies

On our second day in Cornwall we garnered the courage to get back into the car and drive to St. Michael's Mount. During low tide it's accessible by foot, but since we were there during high tide we had to take a boat.

You can see from the waves crashing on the rocks in the picture below that the ride to the Mount was anything but calm. There were 10 people and a dog in our boat, including the owner of the castle, which we realized when we saw her portrait in a stairwell!

The weather was beautiful and we could see rolling fields for miles.

We were happy that we could finally see the area around our hotel, since we had arrived in the fog. Thankfully we didn't hit the gas instead of the brake when we were parking or we would've driven right off the cliff!

My mom failed to bring appropriate footwear (quite a role reversal!) so we stopped in town asking for 'rain boots'. We got a few confused looks until we realized they call them Wellingtons (Wellies!) here. We were successful, but I told her the white jacket/orange boots combination made her look like a duck.

Car update: still in one piece, small streak on the outside of the mirror from run-in with a garbage can. Not bad!

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