22 November 2009

Mmm, Madrid

I went to Madrid a few weeks ago with some friends to visit Richard, then decided to go back for my birthday weekend. Madrid is so much different than London - always warm and sunny, and the people are so relaxed. Lots of British people retire in Spain and I can understand why.

I consider Spain an excuse to be lazy and eat lots of unhealthy food. We always started our days with pastries and café de leche.

Madrid is in the middle of the desert, which you don't realize while you're in the busy parts of the city where the grass and plants are watered. We took a 15 minute cable car ride to this park, where the landscape was much more typical for the climate, and found kids playing fútbol.

I love trying food from street vendors, so we bought grilled sweet potatoes and roasted chestnuts. Delish!

We went to a little market where there were lots of stalls selling books. I found an old book with drawings of elaborate hot air balloons and am going to frame some of my favourite pages.

You can see all of Madrid from Richard's roof. Amaaazing.

No more warm weekend getaways for me - only a few more weeks in London, then on to Dublin and Edinburgh, and finally back home! Where did the time go?!

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