24 November 2009

being productive.

After a few days of running around London looking for screen printing supplies, I finally got to the Print Club to start making (or 'pulling') prints.

I felt like a little kid playing with big kid toys - everyone there is either a graphic designer or an art student. I prance around like it's pre-school craft time, asking questions that I'm sure they think are ridiculous. Someone asked me if I was a graphic designer and when I said, no, I'm a business student, his response was "Are you joking?". It was like I said, "Yeah, I'm growing a third ear."

Today I made a lot of little prints on blank business-cards so I could get the hang of the process. The quality wasn't great - there's lots of paint that seeped through where it shouldn't have, but I think I'll be able to correct it on Round 2. I thought these note cards would come in handy next year when Matt Little and I are annoyed at each other but are too passive-aggressive to actually deal with our issues verbally.

I also wanted to make something to write to-do lists on. I'm sure my mother will love the vulgarity.

I have a stained t-shirt, yellow hands (from the chemicals) and a bunch of junky prints. Let's hope Round 2 is a little more successful.

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