06 December 2009

Font Snob

Tavi, another one of my favourite bloggers, is an awkward little 13 year old from a Chicago suburb who has a shockingly mature perspective on fashion. She's started getting a lot of attention in the past year, so in between doing her 8th grade homework assignments, she's being flown to Tokyo and LA and London to go to fashion shows and meet designers. She always talks about how the "cool kids" don't get her outfits, so I thought this quote (which is from Andy Warhol's Popism) was quite fitting to accompany a picture of her that was published in Pop magazine.

I almost died when I sat down at the computer at the Print Club and saw that they had Helvetica Bold. After watching a documentary about the font last year, I've become obsessed and have been trying to bring myself to buy it (prices start at $30, and climb to nearly $1000 for all of the variations). I feel a little ridiculous about being a font snob, but after using it for the past week, I think I'm hooked.

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