05 December 2009

Alexander McQueen > Will Ferrell

Last week I discovered the Mediatheque at the British Film Institute. The BFI screens movies that don't involve Will Ferrell or beer humour (yep, still loving British spellings), so I've been going there almost every week.

In the Mediatheque there are 10 big flat-screen computers and big cushioned benches around the perimeter of the room. You can reserve a station for up to two hours and watch anything from their database of hundreds of movies and video clips.

I watched documentaries about Alexander McQueen and Philip Treacy (bottom) and one about British architecture and design (top). I could spend the next year sitting in that room and still not see all of the footage that I want to see, so I have a feeling they're going to be seeing a lot of me in the next two weeks!

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