30 November 2009

City of Divas

I've concluded that every Londoner who perpetuates the idea that it rains more in this city than in others is a big diva (not the drag queen kind, though there are plenty of those too). The past few months have almost felt like a tropical holiday - I haven't used my umbrella more than a handful of times and it was only this week that it was cold enough to justify wearing mittens.

There are giant umbrellas hanging down the centre (I'm loving British spellings) of the streets in lieu of traditional Christmas decorations. Brits might like the pity that they receive from their Spanish friends or the fact that their "rainy climate" contributes to a national identity, but there seems to be endless whining about temperature and rain everywhere I go.

But who knows, there are probably some Brits sitting around mocking me for scoffing as if I'm a hardcore American who thinks she walked to school uphill, both ways, in neck deep snow.

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