12 April 2010

Litho prints!

I managed to bring home my portfolio from the print shop today, which means I can finally post pictures from each of the units of my printmaking class - woo!

Lithography was our first unit, which involves using a waxy crayon to draw on a piece of limestone. Prepping the stone was quite a task - we had to sand it until it was perfectly level, then coat it with gum arabic and acid until the pores were ready to reject/accept ink. With each step, the stone's appearance never changed, so on the day that we were ready to print I just had to cross my fingers and hope I hadn't messed up any of the processes over the previous few weeks!

Thankfully, my prints turned out as expected, although a few of my classmates weren't so lucky and ended up with a rectangle of black ink on their paper.

Definitely not my favorite printing method, but I'm happy with how my self-portrait turned out!

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