13 May 2010

Normal is boring.

I've never felt as bland as I did while walking the streets of London. My uniform of skinny jeans, loafers and Ralph Lauren oxford, which usually makes me feel like a sophisticated urbanite amongst the hoards of IU kids in sweats, didn't seem to have the same effect across the pond. Leopard-print pony-hair ballet flats, cat eye glasses, and vintage jewelry were everywhere on the streets of London, and left me feeling like a boring American.

I spotted this girl one day en route to the Tate and was a little obsessed. I loved her leopard flats, red coat and cream scooter combination, and resolved to start punctuating my wardrobe of with bolder pieces.

Later, I found these photos of Dakota Fanning in Teen Vogue and LOVED the embellished skirts.

So, in keeping with my new normal-is-boring-so-go-ahead-and-stare attitude, I started a new sewing project. I bought a cheap skirt at Forever 21, ripped out the seams and used it as a pattern to make a slightly longer version in a less repulsive fabric. The bottom hem is still unfinished, and I have many hours of flower cutting, pinching and sewing ahead of me, but I'm loving how big and absurd it is already!

I'll be sure to post pics once this monstrosity has been completed!

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