22 May 2010

ohmygod I'm so wholesome

Went for a Saturday evening stroll behind the soon-to-be Girard residence with Lynn and Arlene on a path that winds around the outskirt of the neighborhood and along a little creek. This is my favorite kind of nature - walking on a groomed path, not more than a 10 minutes away from some sparkling water and/or coffee.

Gosh, I'm so wholesome.


  1. Can't wait to walk this path with you this summer. Never thought I would see Lynn looking so wholesome!

  2. I'll show you the outtakes and you'll change your mind about the 'wholesome' part...

    The deck is just begging for a good coffee-drinking and bitching sesh - come baaaack!

  3. You know I can't wait to be bitching with you! We are going to break that deck in like no one ever though we could.

    Don't ruin the picture of the perfect Girard family I have in my head.


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