22 December 2010

I should've been born Asian

I always thought that I had a little bit of Asian in me (we seem to share a love of Hello Kitty, glasses with big plastic frames and Pocky), but after a visit to an Asian grocery store the other day, there's no doubt in my mind that I was born the wrong nationality.

I stocked up on Koala Yummies and Hello Kitty cookies and then went hunting for soy sauce. It was nowhere to be found in the sauce aisle, so I assumed that they ran out - then I found the soy sauce AISLE. Ridiculous. I had no idea what any of the labels said, so I picked the cutest bottle.

For dinner tonight the fam enjoyed some beef & broccoli, pot-stickers and fortune cookies. Next project: homemade sushi. I'll be wearing a Hello Kitty t-shirt and my new glasses as I cook, obviously.

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