23 December 2010

Edinburgh, re-visited

I've been re-editing my photos from my semester abroad for two reasons:

1. My photoshopping skills have drastically improved in the past 12 months

2. I was too depressed about being in the US after such a blissful semester spent prancing around London that I couldn't bring myself to look at my photos until very recently

Anyway, here are some of my favorites from Edinburgh. We spent a few days wandering down cobblestone streets and making dinners in our posh apart-otel, then woke up to a picturesque snowfall on Christmas morning as we made blackberry crepes and wore matching pajamas. So lovely. A perfect place to spend Christmas.

(The next two photos are of the ruined chapel in the Queen's Edinburgh residence, Holyroodhouse. It was closed to the public, but I snuck in and took a few photos before getting kicked out by a pack of royal guards. Oops.)

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