31 December 2010

"No, we're not a hat club. We're just family."

Things that I love about my family's annual Christmas tea at the Drake:

1. dressing like Kate Middleton is not only tolerated, but encouraged. hats are required. no excuses.
2. people-watching. ritzy afternoon tea attracts a posh crowd.
3. crustless sandwiches with asparagus and paper-thin tomato slices
4. trying to decide whether I want clotted cream or lemon curd on my scone, then just having one of each
5. bathroom breaks. it's the nicest toilet I use all year.
6. being asked if we're some sort of hat club, to which we always reply, "No, we're just family."
7. getting smiles and smirks from strangers who apparently don't wear pink marabou hats to their own family gatherings

I think next year is finally going to be the year that I make my own hat. Does anyone know where I can find good millinery supplies?

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