31 January 2011

Day 1

I met up with Matt after class this afternoon to take these pics on campus and felt ridiculous as I was standing there fluffing my hair and making sure he wasn't cutting off my boots in the full-bod shots. Now I know how absurd Jessi felt this weekend during our little photo shoot (only she was standing in her wedding dress in front of the law school library with a gaggle of hung-over sorority girls gawking at her. different story.)

I've been going to class in workout clothes sans makeup, so I think 30 for 30 is going to be the motivation I need to not look disgusting through what is usually a disgusting and depressing month.

Ann Taylor Loft sweater jacket, Banana Republic tank, J.Crew Outlet jeans, J.Crew boots, Kate Spade Ring


  1. Stopping by from Kendi's! Looking good!!

  2. horray for the 30x30 pushing you to get a little more dressed up. i love that it makes me think of outfits i never would have before! :)

  3. Great jacket and ring!!! Happy remixing :)

  4. That jacket is adorable. Its always so awkward taking pics on campus. I do it every day, It gets a lot easier though. When in doubt I can always pull the 'school project' card :)


  5. Lisa - thanks, I love your striped t and fur! I have something similar up my sleeve for later this month!

    Rachie - Thanks!

    Kathrine - I loved the pleated chiffon looks from Chloe, too! Looking forward to more posts!

    Savannah - Thanks - I have a feeling the next 28 days are going to be filled with awkwardness!

  6. i love nautical stripes, i really do :) you look lovely without make-up! who needs it?!

    love the pink peeking from underneath too! here's to a great remix!


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