28 January 2011

that time I went hiking

This morning Sarah and I went on a little nature adventure. I was walking down the street covered in brown slush the other day and had a strange urge to be in a forest. This kind of feeling doesn't hit me often (this was the last time it happened), so this morning we picked up scones and coffee and drove to Brown County where we walked a few miles on a trail through a forest. I think Sarah summarized it best when she said that it was like we were cleaning out all of the gunk in our minds.

I've been in my room playing dress up for the past two hours trying to pick out my 30 articles of clothing before 30x30 starts on Monday. There'll be some fur, some mixing of stripes and lots of polka-dots. I'm going to feel like Anna Dello Russo for at least a few days of this challenge...

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