27 January 2011

times are a changin'

I've decided that I'm going to start the 30 for 30 challenge on Monday, which entails wearing only 30 pieces of clothing for 30 days. The goal is to be more creative with pieces that already exist in your wardrobe -- a good exercise for me considering that I run to J.Crew every time I have "nothing to wear".

I thought that now would be the perfect time to spruce up my blog! Things will probably be looking funky for a few days, but they should be ready to go by Monday.


  1. Love me some Kendi. I can't wait to see someone I know in real life do the 30 for 30. Excited to see all the blog changes, too!

  2. I love Kendi - do you follow The Yellow House? I just found her and am loving all of her photos. Yay for having lots of fake internet friends!


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