19 February 2011

Day 19

I drove home for the weekend to get a little break from frattastic-ness of campus and have come to the conclusion that being alone in my car for 5 hours is almost as nice as actually being at home. Sipping on a Venti Vanilla-Rooibos tea with no one to judge me for singing along with Taylor? So nice. (never mind the fact that I almost went off the road trying to take this pic)

Wearing the same size clothes as my mother is one of the few areas of my life in which I hit the jackpot. Sometimes I have ulterior motives when we shop and suggest she buy things knowing that I'll be borrowing said item immediately. (The black/white striped sweater with a hot pink zipper, a peplum and a bow was a bit of a stretch for her and ultimately ended up in my closet - darn!) I'm going to resist the urge to break into her sweater drawer this weekend as to abide by Kendi's rules, but I did snag this scarf today (which I didn't even help her pick out!).

Does anyone else take advantage of their shopping buddies for the sake of expanding their own wardrobe? (it's economical and I'm in college - no apologies from me!)

Banana Republic scarf, Anthropologie top, H&M jeans, J.Crew boots and belt


  1. I love the colors in that scarf and your boots are amazing! Unfortunately, I don't get to enjoy the benefits of sharing clothes with my friends anymore. When I was in high school and college sharing clothes was very common.

  2. My sister and I wear the same shoe size, though her feet are wider. Basically a hit or miss though. I've actually never had someone to share my clothes with!

    Kat Skull
    Dreams Dispersed

  3. My mom lives far, far away but she is here visiting me for a few days. 1. She brought me a cute vintage purse (one of my many addictions). 2. She let me borrow this really great belt. Kinda hoping she "accidentally" forgets to pack it.

  4. I do the exact same thing to my mom! Let's just not tell them. ;)

  5. REALLY cute blog! Love your style!

  6. Coming from a fellow dimpler...I love your dimples! :)

  7. very cute!


  8. I grew up with your mom, you both have a very winning smile! Very cute blog!


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