20 February 2011

Day 20

So, I'm late with posting today. Like really late. But I'm sick. So sick that I couldn't go to BRUNCH this morning (there's literally nothing I love more than brunch, so that should speak to how legitimately ill I am). Here are photos of yesterday's outfit which were taken before my body decided to act like an Easy Bake Oven and toast all of the germs inside me to a crisp.

I've been laying in bed all day watching Glee while eating muffins and raisin bread because when you're sick calories don't count and guilty-pleasure TV can't be held against you. Are there any other sick behaviors that I should be indulging in before my excuse to enjoy them is gone?


  1. I am so sorry, Erin! But Glee is the best remedy, isn't it? ;) Feel better soon!

  2. These pictures look great; I love that backdrop! I hope you feel better soon! A little Glee always makes me feel better :)

  3. brunch is one of god's best gifts to us! there's a place by my house that has BOWL sized mimosas and they give out free tequila shots with the bill. . . amazing, but trouble.

    i hope you feel better soon! your outfit is super cute!



  4. love the top with the lace detail-so pretty!

    Hope you're feeling better! (if not, I find watching re-runs of my fav. shows tends to be a good way to pass the time ;))

  5. Cute outfit, amazing location! That's it, I've got blog envy.


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