29 March 2011

barbarian unleashed

Even though this time of year isn't especially pretty, the big swooping trees in Central Park were amazing. The park is like a big box of sanity in the middle of a whole lot of madness.

Madewell shirt, J.Crew jeans and sweater, Burberry scarf

We took these right before popping into the J.Crew store that houses the Collection and Wedding pieces. Normally the closest I get to J.Crew Collection is obsessively taking screen shots of the look book, so as I perused the racks of feathered skirts and beaded belts my verbal abilities degenerated into sequences of "ohhhh my goddds" and gasping. I'm sure the other shoppers thought I was some kind of barbarian who was just released from a lifetime of living in a cave (which, uh, isn't too far from the truth if you look at the town that I went to high school in). 

I made lots of mental notes of belts and jewelry that I can attempt to recreate with vintage pieces, and the one above is pretty high up on the list. Things are about to get crafty.


  1. That is one lovely necklace. Plus, I'm jealous you got to see the collection in person. SIGH.

  2. That necklace is gorgeous, I can't wait to see how you re-create it!


  3. I am the same way with the screen shots! I've been dying to go to that J.Crew bridal store, but I am trying really hard to wait until I am, like, gonna be a bride. I know how I'll get. I'll end up with five wedding dresses and no fiance.

  4. ooooo I can't wait for your next crafty project!

  5. ooo that necklace looks totally DIY-able!

  6. Gorgeous post!
    I really like your blog, soooooo inspiring!

    Following! Follow back? <3


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