10 March 2011

bunny cuteness > Erin cuteness

I wasn't lookin' so hot today, but bunnies are always cute. If I looked like this in real life I have a feeling I'd have a lot more friends and a much longer line of people who wanted to run their hands through my hair.

Anthropologie sweater, tagless sweater dress, Target tights, Zara flats


  1. So I add your feed to my reader and then this bunny - what the.. Whoa, you know how to grab my attention first thing in the morning (only two sips of coffee so far) :D

    Awesome stripes and long ears :)
    Have a great day!

  2. a) That sweater is straight out of Adorable City.
    b) I thought you were bare-legged at first! Trippy tights, brah.
    c) I wouldn't dwell so much on the bunny daydream. If you looked like that in real life you might also have to start dating furries. Just sayin'.

  3. You are one funny girl. Glad you don't take yourself too seriously!

  4. Thank you so much for this. First it frightened me, then it made me lol.

  5. BUNNIES!!!! So cute!! Almost as cute as teacup pigs and mini huskies. In case you needed some more cute ideas for those uncute days!!


  6. awww I love bunnies! And that top is great love the bright pink accents!


  7. ok. I totally understand what you're saying here. Sometimes you just aren't in it or bad hair day. I felt that way today. I love how you handled it. I was cracking up when I read the photo.

    Very cute color combination.


  8. I love these pictures - adorable and hilarious! I also love that sweater...but then again, I'm a bit of a stripes addict...especially black and white ones. Yeah, I really like that sweater!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  9. This. Is. Awesome. You are too funny and that bunny is adorable. And so is your outfit, of course! But I can't get over your bunny face. :P

    You commented on Erin's photo asking about the camera and lens, so I'm here to answer! :) We use a Nikon D3100 with the 35mm f/1.2 lens. :D I love your photos, btw. Gorrrrgeous!

    - Caroline (http://keepcalmandstyleon.blogspot.com)

  10. Ha, this is my first time at your blog and you made me laugh right off the bat! I like that about you :)

  11. Hit from SPARTA, NJ! Rockin the bunny look. My mom thinks you are a good writer. The end.

  12. i freakin' heart your blog!! you are so adorable!! and it's even more adorable that you did this bahaha love it!

    new follower :)!

  13. Ha, totally would love to throw a kitten face over mine sometimes...

    Jessica @ wrinkled dollar

  14. Haha, your bunny face is very cute! I adore your sweater. The optical illusion that all of the stripes make is really interesting, it's like modern day op art fashion.

  15. this totally cracked me up. you are too precious, whether you are a bunny or not.
    if i could choose, i would totally pick having a narwhal horn. it's a good party conversation starter. and it's a lot better than having me bring most conversations back to the subject of harry potter.

    that or i'd have a polar bear face. like the nice polar bears in those coca cola commercials during christmastime.

    oh, and rory gilmore was soooooo my only friend in high school too. delusionals unite!!


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