09 March 2011

What I Wore to Warhol

I love this quote. Why let your prettiest things go out of style as they sit in your closet waiting for a "special occasion"? I'd rather wear my favorite skirt once a week, even if that means getting a stain or snag here or there, instead of keeping it pristine but unused. It doesn't make much sense to wear a $12 t-shirt until it's unwearable, while leaving fancier pieces that you'll get more enjoyment out of untouched.

This flapper-y skirt is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe, and while I usually wear it on the weekends to go out, I mixed it with some more casual pieces to frolic around the Warhol exhibit last weekend.

The Sally Singer quote was pulled from this video. I watched it over a year ago and still think about the things she said all the time. It's about an hour long, but definitely worth a watch if you run out of recorded Glee episodes on your DVR.

And, I almost hate to say it, but the whole outfit's from J.Crew, minus the tights which I got from Hollister in high school. I'm one of those girls now.


  1. Such a great quote! I have to agree, why let all the really pretty items languish in your closet? I believe that you can never be overdressed. Plus I have a little more confidence when I do dress nicer. I probably have mentioned it before, but I really like your blog. So cute!

  2. Such a cute way to use the skirt for daytime! And thanks for the quote/inspiration... I needed that right now - time to go put on some of my favorite special pieces!

  3. I tend to be wearing all j.crew now all the time too! What can I say I love it! Love the jacket and skirt. I think I have a similar jacket from them as well.


  4. hey girl! i love your blog! i grew up in northeast ohio and am totally with you on the midwest thing! :) and cute outfit of course!

  5. Oh, I can already tell your blog is LOADS of fun. Found you on EBEW!

  6. Duuuuude. I have been thinking about writing about this for a while and you beat me to it. See, my mom always said when we got home from school or wherever, that we should change into our "house clothes." (i.e. sweats and mismatched thrifted stuff). And when I dressed up for church or something, she would still be peeved because she said I should save whatever I was wearing for a special occasion, like a wedding. CRAZY STUFF.
    I'm gonna cut this short and also tell you that there's nothing wrong with dressing from one store/brand/designer. Some of the world's fashion icons did it. Audrey - Givenchy, Jackie O. - Oleg Cassini. The point is, you know what you like and stick with it. J.Crew weaves pure magic, so who can blame you?

  7. just found your blog, you are so adorable! new follower :)


  8. Great quote, this is so true! Inspired. :) I'm following you now, I hope you follow me too!

  9. I do the same thing all the time with outfits but I end up in head to toe Old Navy. I really like your skirt.
    My Heart Blogged

  10. That skirt is adorable but not as adorable as your dimples! I'm so envious of people with dimples, they are just too cute!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  11. okay. I want this look. It's awesome. And your dimples are making it super cute. AND for the record I love j.crew too. You really can't go wrong with them.


  12. This look is great - you are super adorable :)

  13. favorite. I wore a sequin mini with a denim chambray and my torn up college hoodie to the homecoming game last fall. I wish I could say it was meant to be inspiring, but really it was just because all my non-mom jeans were in the dirty hamper and I was too hungover to insert quarters.

    holla for academics.

  14. oh my goodness you are adorable. i'm so glad i found your blog! i'm really loving that fabulous skirt.


  15. gahh you are adorable! i too am really glad i found your blog (or that you found mine actually)!

    i loove that jacket! such a great look all around.


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