19 March 2011

chattin' up old ladies

I spent my spring break last year hanging out with my grandparents in a retirement community in Florida, but this year I got a little wild and spent the week chatting with nice old ladies in antique stores. These women think that I'm so cute and crafty and want to endlessly talk about my plans to alter a heinous polyester dress from the '70's or how I'm turning crystals from an old chandelier into necklaces. If these were appropriate topics for conversation at college bars on the weekends I think I'd have a lot more friends.

Like my headband? I made it from a necklace that I found at an antique store!

I'm toying with the idea of opening a little Etsy shop for jewelry and hair accessories made from vintage finds. Thoughts? Do any of you have an Etsy shop? Do you like shopping on Etsy?

J.Crew jacket and shirt, Banana Republic vest, H&M jeans


  1. Lovely, look. I adore the layers, and that adorable headband. I'm loving your convo with the ladies, how sweet. As for the Etsy store, such a great idea ...can't wait for it to open -love shopping on there. xx veronika

  2. I DO love the headband that used to be a necklace. I think you should totally open an Etsy shop and maybe, just maybe, pepper in some giveaways... Single-white-female-ing you is hard work, so throw me a freakin' bone here!

  3. i sometimes feel the same way about myself. if people at college parties got my references about the harry potter books and found my corny puns at least a little bit endearing, i'd be the belle of the ball.

    i wish i could be like rory gilmore sometimes. all she did to get the attention of all of her man-friends was sit by a tree with a book, on a couch with a book, or at a diner with a book. homegirl knew how to work it.

  4. I am SO the same way. I know some old people who are rockstars. and have way more fun than the kids my age. Its all about doing what you love.
    anyway! I think you and your old ways are so awesome that I added your blog to my blog roll. Check it out here:http://cheapgirlchicworld.blogspot.com/p/blogroll.html

  5. I think you having an etsy shop would be awesome!! I too would have more friends from college if that was a topic that came up lots. Also being in a course with pretty much all guys didnt help either...


  6. story of my life! I have two old ugly dresses sitting next to my sewing machine waiting to be fixed up, and a few pairs of earrings that I made from a corkboard. my friends don't understand...
    but definitely make an etsy! you have nothing to lose!

  7. You should totally open an Etsy store!



  8. You're very talented, I think the headband looks great. Also I am definitely with you on the whole college students don't really appreciate our crazy old lady interests ;)

  9. You are adorable! And this is one cute and fresh look!


  10. You look great! I spent a weekend in the retirement community with my grandparents too! You ARE cute and crafty! Those are some wise women!

  11. I love the headband, such a sweet, clever touch. I can't always go for the over the top, feathers in a flower in a hat hair accessories. Not for daytime use, at any rate. Definitely open the etsy store, I shop it all the time.

  12. The headband looks great :)

    I love shopping on etsy, considering most of the shops are in the US I love it far too much.. shipping and import vat can turn a good bargain into a splurge.

    I've set up a shop but I don't stock it at the moment. The set up is easy and there is a lot of support on how to promote your place too. I think it 's quite a good platform for selling crafty things and vintage.

  13. Love Etsy definitely do it! That headband is gorgeous, so I'm sure you'd put out some great stuff.


  14. I love the white shirt under the jacket. And you ARE so crafty, loving that headband, and loving the idea that I soon could possibly purchase one for myself :)


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