04 March 2011

No One Cares and Outakes

I was going to have a post full of wise words about fashion and share the proverbial gems that I collected throughout 30 for 30, but everything I came up with sounded like something out of a book written by Stacy and Clinton and I'm sure they said it more eloquently than me, anyway. BUT, the one personal epiphany that I had was...

When I went to the library wearing a red and blue striped sweater with a teal striped skirt, no one cared. When I went to class wearing glen plaid pants, a button down and a lacey shell, no one cared. When I was walking through the grocery store in a pink sweater with iridescent plastic confetti on the front, no one cared.

I'm always scared of wearing outfits that stray too far from the collegiate uniform of a North Face fleece and Uggs, but after 30 days of wearing crazy stripes and polka dots and button downs within a sea of t-shirts and sweatpants, there was literally no reaction from any of my peers. No snide remarks, no one asking me why I was dressed up and no puzzled glances. No effect at all, except that I felt happier.

Instead of mindlessly throwing on the same old outfits, I really looked at each piece and remembered why I liked it in the first place. I had fun wearing my clothes. And since there was absolutely no social backlash, I'm going to continue to do so (and even if there was, there's no way I'd go back to mediocre outfits day after day). Getting dressed is more fun when you're not thinking about who will/won't like your outfit. And life is too short to wear lackluster outfits.

Since I hate ranting posts that don't include pictures, here are some more outtakes!

I brought a fun prop, but it just wasn't working. Womp womp.

Sometimes when I take pictures of myself laughing it's cute. This was not one of those times.

HAIR. woah.

I was probably thinking about whether I wanted to watch Over the Hedge or Monsters, Inc. after dinner.

For those of you who are finishing up 30 for 30, did you have the same realization that I did? Any other epiphanies that you want to share?


  1. I 100% agree!
    I was waiting for my coworkers to make a snide comment but no one did!
    If anything I think I got more compliments about what I wore!
    And who doesn't love more compliments right???

  2. I realized this when I first started blogging -- people that I didn't know did not care about my out-of-the-ordinary outfts. I've also realized that when I create an outfit that I don't like, that it's not a big deal, and it happens to everyone, and there's always another day to ceate better outfits!

    Love all of your outtakes!

  3. "life is too short to wear lackluster outfits." I'm gonna take your advice and start doing the same. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. I COMPLETELY agree. There were many times when I was so self-conscious about pairing things together that I wouldn't normally and those were the outfits that people seemed to like most! Great post! And I love your hair in the third picture. :)

  5. I care what you wear Erin! You inspired me to wear strips and more strips.
    Your cousin LRowe

  6. AMEN, sister friend! this is so true.

    and oh man, i would soooo choose monsters inc. i myself debated between watching the princess diaries or reading a young adult novel. georgia nicolsson for the win.

  7. what's up, erin?! thanks for your support/comment at from the woods!

    this post...for fear of sounding too cheesy...is SO INSPIRING! I love it. and you're gorgeous and adorable and have a sweet sense of style. :)
    (and I'm thinking about copying your huge orange phrase up there and stickin' it on one of my posts (I've definitely gotten a response from a person or two who REALLY doesn't care what I'm wearing and wants it to be known on ftw. yikes!) - where did you get it so i can give you/them credit if necessary?)

    anyways, stop by every now and then if you think of us...i'm totally following you.

    <3 christen!

  8. Congrats on being done! I can't wait for all my post 30x30 wisdom to rush in. I'm still about 7 outfits away.


  9. I just came across your blog and love your photos. I love how you wrote out womp.womp!! Awesome! Your blog layout and design are so kick ass!!! I'm looking forward to checking out more of your posts!!

    Oh and yay for completing the 30 for 30 challenge. I am almost done myself.


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