03 March 2011

30 for 30 Recap

Here they all are! My favorite outfits ended up being the stripe-on-stripe days (five and twenty-six), which I NEVER would have tried without this little challenge. I'll be back tomorrow with some outtakes and lessons learned, but until then let me know what your favorite is! Thanks for all of the sweet messages yesterday and good luck to everyone who's still chuggin' along!


  1. I love 5 and 26 as well, but would also like to add 25 to my list.

  2. I am partial to #3 & #6, but of course all 30 are lovely! Speaking of #3 and #6, it looks like I have a polka dot obsession. You should definitely participate in the Everbody, Everywear challenge on the 8th seeing as you have some lovely dot pieces.

  3. i always feel as if this phrase is totally the opposite of eloquent but it always seems to explain my point, but....

    git it gurl!

    congrats on finishing your 30 in 30, darling! :) and looking cute all the while! :) and i totally agree, i wish we somehow lived closer. perhaps we could have tin can telephones from indiana to florida?
    i will see what i can do.

  4. I love your smile on every picture. Looks like it was a fun and rewarding adventure! Congrats!

  5. Love this. So cute.


  6. It's so hard to choose! I love all of them. #5 and #25 really stand out to me so I'll say those are my favorites. Congrats on finishing!

  7. It's hard to pick a favorite because they were all great! You seriously have great style. 10 was one of my top picks and 26, but they were all good. Loved the Coach boots.


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