14 March 2011

that time I had a photoshoot with my fly unzipped

There's been lots of "adorable" and "cute" thrown around in the comments lately, but in the interest of not becoming one of those tell me how great I look every day blogs, I thought I'd keep it real today. Contrary to what you might think, I manage to look adorable for a very small percentage of the day. This is what I look like before my caffeine kicks in:

My mom said that I looked like a hung over Kate Middleton, but I'm pretty sure Kate Middleton looks better on her worst day than I do on my best. (and I wasn't even hung over! unless the combination of Woody Allen movies and dark chocolate results in some kind of intoxication. debatable.)

These next pics were taken after my caffeine consumption but before realizing my fly was unzipped and before learning how to use Photoshop to zip my fly.

Kate Middleton would never be caught with her fly down in front of the paparazzi.

Anthropologie jacket (courtsey of my mother), J.Crew shirt, H&M jeans


  1. I love the stripes and spots. Haha, it sucks when silly little things like having your fly undone happen but it feels good to laugh about it later on. :)

  2. Awww... you look so cute looking "hungover." The pictures with your fly down? Adorable.
    I kid, kid. I mean getting compliments is always nice but when bloggers start fishing around for nice comments, as I have seen on other blogs, it's a turn off.
    So for next time, double check that zippers are zipped and buttons are buttoned. :P

  3. That sounds like something I would do, I leave my fly down too much. I don't think you look hungover at all. Without of the magic of make-up I would look like a zombie most days. I really like your polka dots, and stripes together.
    My Heart Blogged

  4. Nope. Sorry. Still cute. And adorable ;-)

    Relatable Style

  5. This post full of "real" made me smile :) Reality is what makes things really truly beautiful, so it's nice to get a little dose of that from time to time! <3

  6. You think that 's bad
    *takes deep breath prior to launching into "I am more caffeeine dependent than you" speech*
    not once but twice I've forgot to zip up my dress in the morning. Both were side zip. Down the entire side. It was only when checking my gunky morning eyes in the lift mirror that I realized.

    Here 's to not being a morning person! I am afraid even so you still look adorable :P Love the spots and stripes :)

  7. i think we all have photo shoot mishaps like these...like taking a hundred photos before realizing your hair was covering your eye, making you look like the one-eyed monster...or that your necklace was backwards, lol.
    love the mix of prints.


  8. Hahaha. Hilarious title. I know what you mean...it's embarrassing but it's a grand story to tell yeah? =)

    And yeah it must be tiring to be called cute and adorable all the time. =P Kidddiiing. But really its gonna be hard girl cus you are just that even in your 'hungover' Kate Middleton look. =)

    I'm quite found of long flowy cardigans and I'm really jealous of the striped one you have on! And you paired it well with the polka dot top.

    -Erin (http://keepcalmandstyleon.blogspot.com)

  9. Hello! Thank you so much for the visit + sweet comment on my blog. I am THRILLED to find yours, love your photography + gorgeous outfits, and your fabulously candid writing style. Consider me your newest follower. xx veronika

  10. I love this post, sounds like something my mom would say to me, thanks a lot!

    I love the outfit though!(fly down or not!)

  11. whatever you were eating looks yummy! :P
    and you should know you are beautiful girl!!


  12. Sorry to break it to you but you still look "cute" and "adorable." I love the striped jacket and polka dot shirt paired together.
    xx Allie
    a song to pass the time

  13. love the stripe/ polka dot combo.



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