22 April 2011

death by frat bros

I've been dying a slow and painful death by way of group projects. Frat boys seem to think it's acceptable to show up to presentations after drinking all afternoon and saying "Sweet!" to a judge's feedback. At least this guy is better than the bro from last semester who requested that our meetings be held at bars and told us once that he would be unavailable all evening unless we wanted to come watch him "tear it up at the courts".

Now excuse me while I get back to work. Your sympathies are appreciated. Is college over yet?


  1. Oh my gosh! I totally get, what you mean. Since I'm only in my second semester, I didn't have only two group projects last semester, but already these two were soooo annoying and beyond frustrating. Who invented that??
    Poor you, I hope you get it going... :)

  2. I just had a hearty laugh and then a sigh. We SO would have been friends had we gone to school together.

    (Also, I promise I'm not a super-stalker. Your blog is addictive, though, and I had some catching up to do.)


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