20 April 2011

oversized chandeliers and cow portraits

While we were in NY (I told you I was going to milk that trip for all of the blog posts it was worth) we stayed at the Hudson. I booked it through Tablet, which gives you cheapish options that are more aesthetically-pleasing than those of the Radisson variety.

Even though our room was literally 150 sq ft, the decor was so cool that I didn't even mind that my knees hit the wall when I sat on the toilet.

One day I will have my own apartment and will hang oversized chandeliers and cow portraits wherever I want.


  1. true story: this week my mom told me she wanted a tattoo of a white-faced herford cow. it would be in honor of my cattle-rancher grandpa! isnt that adorable?

  2. cow portraits and those stacks of books?! i'm sold. when can i move in?

  3. The last picture is sort of creepy, like a haunted house of sorts.

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