05 April 2011

etsy headbands!


Every headband is made from a vintage necklace or brooch - the ones that are are attached to ribbon have a velvet backing to keep it from sliding around while you're wearing it. Pretty smart, huh?

Each one is made from jewelry that I found at an antique store, so: 

1. You can have the supreme satisfaction that comes from saying "Oh this? It's vintage." when asked where you got it.

2. You can avoid the rage that comes from a friend complementing your new headband, asking where you got it, then going out later that day to buy it and wear on the same days as you. (dressing like twins was cute and fun in middle school. not so much any more.) 

3. You get to skip the whole step of driving to an antique store in the middle of nowhere and awkwardly holding necklaces up to your head while the 70-year-old man who opened the jewelry case looks at you like you're crazy.

Click here to see more - and let me know what you think! Are there any other cool headband shops that I should look at for inspiration?

(Part of me is hoping that this little venture is a big failure. If no one buys them then I'll have no choice but to wear the amazing twisted crystal headband to Starbucks and this white flowered one to brunch every week!)


  1. These headbands are gorgeous. particularly like the emerald and crystal one.


  2. Oh my gosh! I love these!!!! I kind of need all of them. I really haven't seen anything like this out there right now. Good job!

  3. these are so cute! your so creative - im very jealous right now! :)



  4. These are amazing. Just found your blog, and adding you to my reader!

  5. those are so unique and gorgeous! I love love love!

  6. oh my goodness, want! so so cute!

  7. I love these headbands! :)
    I'm your follower!

  8. Oh hey this is so exciting! Good luck with it all (:

  9. Gorgeous headbands and a lovely shop front too! :) All the best for your venture, I doubt you'll get to keep these pretties ;)


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