04 April 2011

getting defensive about stripes

I'm having mixed feelings about seeing nautical stripes everywhere these days. Half of me wants to jump up and down because it's infinitely cheaper and easier to look like Jackie Kennedy vacationing on Cape Cod every day now that everyone from Forever 21 to Marc Jacobs is embracing stripes in classic navys and reds. 

But, the selfish go-against-the-grain part of me is going to be furious every time I see a sorority girl walking down the street this summer wearing anything vaguely nautical. In my mind, I'll be screaming, I liked this look before you did - stick to your Flashdance tops and bleached cutoffs! (since this is a fantasy, there'd also be a few obscenities sprinkled in)

 Muji dress, Banana Republic jacket, Burberry scarf


  1. Hear, hear! It peeves me even more when someone notices my stripes/nautical hues and asks: "Where can I buy this outfit?" It's like when you've liked this indie band for ages and then one of their songs makes it in a commercial or Grey's Anatomy episode and suddenly every dumbass claims they just discovered this new band.
    P.S.: Your dress looks like nothing I've seen on sorority girls, so there is hope. And chicness!

  2. Well, I think they look lovely on you anyway! I may have to check out Muji in my hometown...I always walk past but never have time to go in!

  3. I'm a sucker for stripes I must say! Love the dress.


  4. Looking lovely :) Like jeans stripes are one of those things that I like on others better than on myself, so I guess more happy stripe watching time for me ;)

  5. i dont really view stripes as a trend because i feel like they've been around for sooo long! i guess i dont really pay attention that much to mainstream fashion though, ha.

  6. Just be glad that you were ahead of the game. =)

    -Erin (http://keepclmandstyleon.blogspot.com)

  7. Oh ha ha this is funny (: I feel the same about the whole flowerchild/lumberjack/southwest style that's happening. I fid it first! Buuut anyways. You look darling (:

  8. WOW! I really like this outfit (as always). Love it!!! Compliments!
    Nice blog! :)))
    I'm a your new follower!
    Hope you follow me back

  9. GORGEOUS!love your blog!
    im now a follower, check mine out if you like?http://ohyesohmy-streetstalker.blogspot.com/


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