25 April 2011


New favorite snack to pair with coffee: Fat-Free Fig Newman's. 

I can make a mean biscotti, but my 3 sq ft of kitchen counter space has been baking-prohibitive this year. Finals are coming up, which means my hands will be shaking from the dangerous level of caffeine that I'll need to consume to get through the week. Does anyone have any healthy-ish suggestions of coffee pairings that I should stock up on?


  1. I dunno if it's healthy, but I love toasting bread and putting butter and honey. I guess the healthier alternative would be peanut butter (which is one of my favorite foods) Tastes so yummy with coffee and tea. =)

    -Erin (keepcalmandstyleon.blogspot.com)

  2. Pair it up with fruit! It sound like a weird combination, but my boyfriend and I eat sliced bananas, apples, and oranges when we drink coffee. You could also try making ants on a log with celery, peanut butter, and raisins. The vitamins will give you more stamina to carry on =D

    (although the bread, peanut butter and honey combo sounds so good!)

  3. Erin - Once I had a little affair with honey that ended with me clenching the little bear bottle directly over my mouth trying to squeeze out the last few drops. Kind of a low point for me. If I had any semblance of self-control I might try to pace myself through a bottle, but that's wishful thinking...

    Alex - Ah, I love ants on a log. Once someone told me that celery burns more calories to digest it than it actually contains, so even after loading on some peanut butter and raisins, I consider eating it to be the same as hopping on the treadmill. Right?

  4. That looks good! Man I love fig newtons :)

  5. Sourdough English muffins - lightly toasted, with some margarine and jam. Or, if you're not lactose intolerant, spring for some buttah!


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