10 May 2011


Since I'm not starting my real job until August I'll be spending the entire summer working on my housewivery skills. Every morning I pull into the yoga studio parking lot alongside about 35 mini-vans with decals touting high school football/poms, then I head to Trader Joe's where I always end up checking out the ripeness of avocados alongside at least two moms, and finally I head home for an afternoon of internet broswing and dinner preparation. All that's missing is some time spent watching happy-talk TV (Oprah, Dr. Phil, The View, etc).

If I ever start thinking it's a good idea to wear sneakers, synthetic capris and a 5k souvenir t-shirt to partake in these activities I'm giving you all permission to leave nasty and degrading comments until I come to my senses.

But, onto my outfit...

I couldn't believe my luck when I found this dress at a vintage shop - doesn't it look like something that a Kate Spade model would be wearing while riding a bike over a grassy hill? I'm LOVING the neon-y pink mixed with the red and purple.

All I needed for this photo shoot was a handful of white daisies and some She & Him music magically piped in. 


  1. Kate Spade is exactly what popped into my mind when I saw you. Perhaps they should hire Zooey to model for them and write a little jingle? Or you? Yes, the latter.

  2. I just came across your blog, and it's the cutest darn thing I've ever seen. Last summer, I graduated from college in May and didn't move to NYC until August so I spent two months reading, running, playing with my friends, going to the pool... and attempting to make lots of Rachel Ray recipes. The later didn't go so well. :)

  3. Wow that one is from a thrift shop? Great find! It looks fabulous! Oh, and you forgot to include self-tanning in your housewivery list. I mean, they are not called the Real Housewives for nothing, right? So you better get real ^^

    Relatable Style

  4. I'm usually not a fan of multi-colored stripes. But from seeing you in this dress and the H&M dress, you might have a convert.

  5. Aw... I just wore my half souvenir tee to trader joes after the gym this last weekend *sad face* LOL
    Love the dress and the landscape!

  6. That is an amazing dress. what a great find!

  7. what a fantastic find! that dress is so pretty! what are you doing in august?!

  8. kate spade model fo sho. IN LOVE.

  9. What a great find! Yeah, this dress is totally housewife material!!


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