25 May 2011

adventures in avoiding Kim Kardashian's shiny sausage lips

I'm not a girl who loves beauty products. I hate the gluey consistency of lip gloss, eyeshadow makes me feel like I'm auditioning to be the fifth Golden Girl, and I've never really been able to successfully apply blush without looking like I have rosacea. But, last weekend I looked in a mirror and realized that my normal routine of concealer, foundation, eyeliner and mascara was making me look like I should be hospitalized for malnutrition (and not in the good Mary Kate Olsen kind of way). 

So, I braved the doors of Sephora with the intention of getting some kind of lip color. I'm sure the woman who asked me if I needed help finding anything was wishing she had run the other way when I said, "I hate anything that's sparkly or gunky," but eventually I found the holy grail of lip color for low-maintenance girls. 

Behold, lip stain in the form of a marker! You can literally fill in your lips like a coloring book, it goes on in a crisp line so you can avoid the I've-been-sucking-on-a-raspberry-popsicle look and it lasts ALL DAY. I put this stuff on in the morning, then took this picture after drinking a large coffee and eating lunch and it was still going strong!

The best part is that it's matte, so you don't get the dreaded Kim Kardashian shiny sausage lips. (I've never really understood the appeal of this look. I hate when my lips act like fly paper and stick to my hair and guys can't be too keen on getting that junk smeared all over their mouth...)

I think I'm a little less Sephoraphobic than I was before this purchase and I don't look quite as lifeless as that mopey girl from Twilight. Success!


  1. girl, you have a great pout! and totally not shiny sausage-like...tres fab!
    kitty clotheshorse

  2. My low maintenance rivals yours. In other words, thanks for this post - I may have to hit my local Sephora (I'm allergic to perfume, so being in there is especially taxing).

  3. Oh my I really want one of those... But for whatever reason they don't come in colors I like / that suit me. Looks like I'll have to wait around a little longer... But it sure sounds appealing and you picked a great color for yourself :-)

    Relatable Style

  4. Lip stain is the greatest invention of makeup ever. period. :)

  5. hahaha I'm sephoraphobic as well. The lip gloss looks great though!

    Fashionable Collections

  6. bahaha i too suffer from the dreaded rosacea effect. and i've been meaning to get me some lip stain, i'll have to brave the doors of sephora soon, i've been cautious because i'm always afraid i will accidentally buy a $20 lipstain that acts like those permanent markers that smelled weird in 2nd grade art class.

  7. never been a fan of lipgloss either or shiny sausage lips for that matter.
    xx Allie

  8. That color looks great on you! Revlon makes a lip stain called Just Bitten that is in marker form also. Luckily, I'm good at coloring in the lines.


  9. Kim Kardashian called. She wants her lips back. Just kidding - I want you back. What's the scuttlebutt?

  10. I hate sticky lips too! This lip stain sounds (and looks!) great, thanks for the tip :)

    I have to say I just stumbled upon your blog and I am really enjoying it a lot!



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